Elbow Fracture

Elbow Fracture

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Introduction of Region :

Elbow is a joint formed by the lower end of the arm bone (HUMERUS) and the upper ends of the forearm bones (Radius & Ulna).An elbow fracture is a break in one or more of the 3 bones that form your elbow joint. An elbow fracture is often caused by an injury like a fall onto an outstretched hand with a bent elbow. Osteoporosis (brittle bones) can increase your risk for an elbow fracture.

Causes of Fracture :

People can injure an elbow in a variety of ways, from overuse (athletic injuries) to an acute traumatic event (a fall or direct blow). Pain is usually worse with any elbow movement. The treatment for this fracture depends on the number and size of the bone fragments. Complex fractures often require surgery to repair and stabilize the fragments or to remove or replace the radial head if there are too many bony pieces.

Do I Require Surgery ? :

Since most elbow fractures extend into the elbow joint, it becomes imperative to align all the fragments in perfect anatomical position and get the elbow to move as soon as possible without much pain. So, your doctor may suggest surgery in form of wires, screw & plates.

What are the Benefits of Surgery ? :

Surgery can restore the normal joint alignment, so that the joint can function without pain in its full range.In rare cases when the fracture is not displaced, non-surgical treatment can be considered with full in understanding that repeated assessment will be required.

What is the recovery process ? :

After surgery, you will remain in hospital for a couple of days. Pain medication, elevation and exercises will be integral part of post-operative care; you can be discharge with instructions for exercises and dressing and further follow up.

What are the risks in the Surgery ? :

Every surgical procedure has some risks and benefits. Your individual results will depend on your personal circumstances, fracture pattern; quality of surgery and post-operative rehab and recovery takes six to twelve weeks’ time. While there can be no guarantee of success, benefits can include pain relief and return of functional use of the elbow. Major complications include but are not restricted to ,
  • Removal and/or replacement of the device system or its components may be necessary at some point in the future.
  • Although rare, metal-allergy reactions from elbow implants have been reported. Inform your doctor if you have any allergy symptoms.
  • Problem with fracture healing like nonunion, mal union, and implant loosening may occur.
  • Infection occurs in about 1% cases with higher incidence in diabetics, smokers, etc.
  • May cause injury to nerves, muscles, or bone.

Does Age Affect Recovery ? :

Yes, in elderly patient with osteoporosis, the bones are very weak and the implant can loosen. So, their physiotherapy programmed is customized accordingly. In kids with growing bones usually plates are not required and they get a very good recovery.