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Vishal Joshi 10 Feb 2024

best Hospital in Ahmedabad

Sharma Amit 27 Feb 2022


Vishal Patel 27 Feb 2022

My father, dipak s patel, fracture in right leg, and also needed to repair ligament. Doctor was excellent in identifying the issue and was very helpful. Thanks to entire team for warm and prompt support. Father is able to walk normally without any pain in 3 months time. Would really recommend dr pranav shah for any surgery. Lots of prayers to god that dr keeps serving mankind for ages to come

tushar singh 27 Feb 2022

Best doctor and excellent service

manoj suryavanshi 27 Feb 2022

Very good. Doctor\'s attitude is very friendly and care taking.

Aarshi Ahir 27 Feb 2022

My father having frecture in right leg. We did 2 operation before come here, bt it was failed. Dr. Pranav Shah did a fantastic job and in jst 3 month my father recovered from frecture n also viral infections too. Thank you sir. Keep it up. Happy patient.

Kinnar Bhatt 27 Feb 2022

One of the best Doctor I have ever met in Gujarat...

Prateek Pandya 27 Feb 2022

Best doctor..

Vinita Chaudhary 27 Feb 2022

A patient\'s half of the problem is cured if he is mentally fit to bear the pain and willing to be ok again ASAP. For this.. trust over the doctor is very important. Dr. Pranav Shah makes his patients feel so comfortable that half of his job is already done. Rest is a cake walk for him as he is an expert in his field ??

Amrish Patel 27 Feb 2022

Based on personal experience relating to orthopedic Treatment of my mother, I can confidently say that Dr. Pranav A. Shah is the best orthopedic surgeon in Ahmedabad. He has decades of experience in joint replacement, which results in deep skill set and expertise, and thus fully reliable results. Further more, he and his team has excellent attitude towards people, filled with personal attention, warmth and empathy, which makes the patients and their families feel very comfortable. The experience of getting operated by him was a journey of reliability, comfort and, of course, quick recovery and health gain. My mother and whole family are very thankful to Dr. Pranav A. Shah and his team for everything.

Karan Patel 27 Feb 2022

Nice work carried out for ankle, calcaneus, cuboid complex facture. Good, supportive and friendly in nature...

Jigar Shah 27 Feb 2022

Dr Pranav Shah is extremely knowledgeable, best at work and helpful. I received best care and treatment from him. No words are enough to express my gratitude towards him.

Ramlakhan singh 27 Feb 2022

Best Joint Restoration Surgery in ahmedabad

sushil kumar 27 Feb 2022

An outstanding doctor. Fully responding. Perfect human being. Expert in his area.

Divyesh Viradiya 1 Jan 1970

Best doctor..!!

Joel Kurian 27 Feb 2022

It was a nice experience. Total hip repleshment successfully . A good experience in life ..

Hasmukh Patel 27 Feb 2022

dr pranav shah did my knee surgery and i am completely ok. very good nature and very cooperative doctor.

Sarfaraz Sabjifaros 1 Jan 1970

Good hospital

hitubhai 25 Aug 2022

Good doctor, but comes hospital experience very painfully

Mayank Valand 25 Aug 2022

Experienced doctor with excellent service for pelvic operation and Right leg fracture.complaty done.

Meeta Shah 25 Aug 2022

He is the best dr

kapil Joshi 25 Aug 2022

Very happy with his treatment I am completely cured.

chintan modi 25 Aug 2022

"When I was admitted in cims hospital after major accident , my family was very shocked to see my critical condition. I had major right femour & right clevical fracture with four broken parts in legs. It was very difficult for any doctor to join those parts but Dr. Pranav shah accepted that challenge to operate & to stand up me as past. He & all team of cims hospital treated me very well without any uncomfortness. On today onwards, I can walk & move without any uncomfortness and I feel like that I had not done any operation. Really it was very impossible task but Dr.pranav shah always handles these difficult tasks very cleverly with his best team support. I am really thankful of Dr. Pranav sir & all cims staff members to move up me like past. I suggest to any person to treat any critical abnormality in cims hospital because it is really trustable."

valand sureshbhai 25 Aug 2022

One of the best orthopaedic surgeon . Very nice treatment very polite nature.

Shivkumar Rathi 25 Aug 2022

Very impressive treatment and good service provider

Shazad Babaycon 25 Aug 2022

Dr Pranav Shah is a brilliant doctor who fixed my hip and wrist fractures at the age of 93 i am able to walk again.Thank you for the personal attention you have given me. Soona Babaycon

pranav shah 25 Aug 2022

Patient First - this is our motto

Vipin paliwal 25 Aug 2022

My experience is excellent with dr Pranav shah. I had a calcanius surgery and after six months now I can move with my foot just like normal. He is one of the best orthopaedic surgeon in Ahmedabad. Even personally he is very gentle person.

Nehal Hirani 25 Aug 2022

Very nice treat ment. Very polite child is 100% recover. I am very satisfied Dr. Pranav shah. Thank you so very much Dr.prnav Shah.

Viraj shah 25 Aug 2022

Treatment is goodn well explained. I m doing very well then before in knee n foot pain.

Damodar Parihar 25 Aug 2022

Best doctor in ortho, suggestion are also best...

Sandip Panchal 30 Mar 2023

Sir`s treatment is very good. My daughter is fall down fron Cycle. And get injured and fracture in right leg. Then pranav sir treated now she looks ok.

Avani Parekh 25 Mar 2023

Dr Pranav Shah is one of the best Orthopaedic surgeon in Gujarat. He is a very experienced and a knowledgeable doctor. We are very happy with their treatment.

Gajendra Shankla 30 Mar 2023

Bahut hi acha experience hai DR Pranav Sir ke sath. unka nature bahot acha hai. Best orthopedic Dr hai.

Ashok Mehta 30 Mar 2023

I am satisfied. I am very happy. Now she is OK after surgery

Jatin Patel 31 Mar 2023

I got fractured in my wrist and elbow pranav sir did my operation and after operation i am fully recovering

Dwijen Shah 31 Mar 2023

Best orthopedic surgeon of the India, good knowledge & peasant friendly No mal fictional practice. Real advice & prompt solution

Hardik P 31 Mar 2023

I think Dr Pranav Shah is great combination of Excellence Doctor and Good human being.

JIGS BINDAS 3 Apr 2023

I think Dr Pranav Shah is great combination of Excellence Doctor and Good human being.

Preet Paryani 3 Apr 2023

Very helpful and always a fun loving person

pitambra mittal 3 Apr 2023

"Dr.Shah is an excellent and incredibily gentle doctor.My father is a Mysthenia Gravis patient and had a major hip bone fracture.Though it was difficult to get my father in this state from Rajasthan to Ahmedabad but my Uncle’s tremendous faith in Pranav sir convinced us.He was prompt enough to calculate all the pros n cons of a Mysthenia patient and immediately scheduled the surgery. I am thankful to him for easily and positively managing everything very well. Highly efficient and helpful person with an amazing staff at the hospital.He made me believe once again that being a doctor is still a noble profession. My experience has been outstanding in case of my father.lot of gratitude n good wishes."

Neel Goswami 3 Apr 2023

"Excellent treatment. They treat us like family. Life saver they are. Its like God has sent him on earth for a purpose and its true only. (Chetan Goswami)"

vijay yadav 3 Apr 2023

Dr.pranav is a most senior doctor of ahmedabad


Very Good service

Hirav Joshi 3 Apr 2023

Dr.pranav is a most senior doctor of ahmedabad

Ankita Trivedi 3 Apr 2023

"Dr Pranav Shah has been treating my mother’s arthritis for the last 10 years. In these times, when doctors are out to do business by suggesting surgeries left and right, Dr Pranav Shah is a genuine straight talker who cares more about his patient’s wellbeing. Recently my father met with an accident that fractured his right humerous - Dr Shah picked up the phone on a sunday morning and immediately agreed to see him on the same day. His confidence and assurance went a great way in relieving our worries after the surgery thereafter. I would highly recommend him. A great doctor through and through."

Suresh Mevada 3 Apr 2023

Best Dr. ever met ,very experienced and successful Dr. full of confidence of his knowledge and treatment thanks Dr for handling such critical case

Vishal Vaghela 3 Apr 2023

Good experience

Vinod Sheth 3 Apr 2023

"I use to travel a lot and because of that, I started having extreme joint pain. I thought it would be a just regular pain, and it will be gone in 2-3 days, but it didn’t. My friend recommends, CIMS Hospital to me and there I consulted Dr. Pranav A. Shah. I received effective treatment for my joint pain and two months medical prescription from him. Now my pain is gone, and I could travel anywhere in the world. Thank You. Dr. Pranav A. Shah!!"

ketki patel 3 Apr 2023

One of the best trauma surgeon specialist....positive and kind hearted doctor...?

Dhruv Pandya 3 Apr 2023

One of the best orthopedic surgeon in Ahmedabad.

Bhoomika Patel 3 Apr 2023

One of the best dr as i know, with positive experience

Tupi patel 3 Apr 2023

It was excellent experience. Very happy with the surgery

Neha Sikhwal 3 Apr 2023

My father in law had a severe accident where his right hand got critically broken,we visited many doctors in udaipur but no one succeeded in operation,then we visited Dr Pranav Shah,for us he is the GOD,he is the life saver for my dad.He did the operation so superb that every one was shocked to see his fabulous result.The way he treat his patient is awesome.I would suggest all people for any major or minor Orthopedics problem,please visit Mr pranav shah,you will 100% get your issue resolved

Ravikant Tiwari 3 Apr 2023

Good doctor

Sachin Sitawat 3 Apr 2023

"""Co-operation with patient is too much good . Sir team is very good responsive and treatment is 100% success. """"One most good thing is not unnecessary do any surgery""""."" "

Priyanka Pareek 14 Apr 2023

Healthy environment and excellent service ?

Prashant Yagnik 19 Apr 2022

To rate him words are less. He made me walk after my 3 surgery of right leg. He corrected my surgery and ensure timely treatment & guidance. Other doctors have lost hope. He took challenge and said you will be back to normal and today I am walking only because of him. He will not leave single stone unturned to enable you coming out from critical situation. Excellent by nature and very rare to see such wonderful human being and doctor . I called him today after two years and he recognised my voice very passionate. Dynamic and vibrant in nature. Proud of you Dr Pranavbhai. God bless and thanks a ton. Regards. Prashant yagnik. Wipro Ltd. Global Head. Mumbai

Soni Sharma 19 Apr 2022

Dr.pranav sir is excellent,he attend the patient very politely and also he is very cooperative and explains all the things in details,we have no words to appreciate the sir..

Prashant Jani 28 Jun 2023

Very good

Mukesh Asudani 28 Jun 2023

Good and appropriate advise. Good dealing

Manjali Roy 28 Jun 2023

I know about Dr. Pranav A Shah, he has a great experience for joint restoration surgeon in ahmedabad.

Suresh Chand Garg 28 Jun 2023

I suffered from ankle injury since 1 year. And treated by so many doctors but no one understand the actual problem. Then finally I met with Dr. Pranav Shah and operated by him on 22/10/18 . Now I am totally satisfied with his services & Cims Hospital also. He is expertise in his field.

Devendra Shah 28 Jun 2023

"My experience with Dr. Pranav shah is as under Dr. Pranavbhai Shah is taking utmost care of the patient. He explained me each and everything in a very layman language, which can be understood by the patient easily. He attends the patient with a very human approach. He is in real sense Doctor who is working for the patient."

Indra Parmar 28 Jun 2023

Very satisfied and feel like I am in good safe hands

Arunabha Roy 28 Jun 2023

Very satisfying experience

Hardik Desai 28 Jun 2023

One of the Best Orthopaedic surgeon I have ever known and consulted for my all family members and relatives. Always in jolly mood with patients and taking good care even in follow-up of patients....???? God Bless you Sir.

Yogesh Parekh 28 Jun 2023

Very good, i am very happy

Rajkumar Rana 28 Jun 2023

Very Best Doctor, in Ahmadabad

Rasthal 28 Jun 2023

Excellent experience for treatment from Doctor Pranav Shah, very much caring. He gave me new life. Best doctor in Ahmedbad.


Good experience and fast requiry. best Orthopaedic doctors

soni r 28 Jun 2023


Sagar Chakraborty 28 Jun 2023

If you looking for orthopedic hospital for serious issues then my suggestion is to come here. Recommended

Riddhi Limbachiya 28 Jun 2023

He has treated lot of complicated fractures and all r doing extrimaly well

Pavan Mirchandani 28 Jun 2023

Good services and exleant Experiqnce ..

Radhe S 28 Jun 2023

Nice experience, doctors and other staffs are fine.

Poonam Mathur 28 Jun 2023

He is excellent at his job and is very friendly.

Haseena Fatteh 28 Jun 2023

Best doctor ever:-).kind,humble,friendly.Dr.pranakumar shah is the best ortho surgeon

Rohini Sonavane 28 Jul 2023

Dr Pranav Shah is best Orthopedic & Trauma Surgeon in Ahmedabad

Mukesh Shah 28 Jul 2023

Very good Surgen and highly cooperative doc

preeti kumari 28 Jul 2023

"I m delight to share my experience which i had while underwent dual locked periarticular elbow plates surgery done by Dr Pranav Shah at CIMS Hospital I must say Sir Pranav shah is the best orthopaedic surgeon i hav ever met, he has vast experience which resulting to grt expertise n fine result,Further he & his team mates has tremendous attitude with full positivity ,they all are very supportive and prompt which boosts patient\'s cnfidence at another level,last but not the least Pranav sir is a grt mankind n highly recommended orthoaedic surgeon in Ahmedabad I feel very forunate to get treated by him Thanku sir for your extended support I am recovering well"

dhruvil garish 28 Jul 2023

Very Very Best doctor, best hospital & staff,exclent tritment??????

sandeep shah 28 Jul 2023

Dr. Pranav shah is Master in orthopedic & femur bowl replesment. Most important is Good nature & copretive. Excellent service by nursing staff. Very comfortable to take treatment in CIMS.

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