What is polytrauma ?

Poly: multiple; trauma: injury

When a person suffers from multiple injuries at the same time it is termed as polytrauma. Polytrauma can be associated with multiple fractures, head injuries, chest injury (ribs/ lungs) or abdominal injuries (liver, spleen, kidney or other organs).

What are the problems in polytrauma ?

Polytrauma patients may have excessive blood loss which results in decreased blood pressure, coma or even death in very severe cases. Apart from fractures we may see head injury, chest injury and abdominal injuries, which themselves are very serious injuries and may need ICU care and surgery.

What is mortality in polytrauma ?

Upto 40% mortality is seen in patients with two systems serious injuries (that is; head injury with multiple fractures or chest injury along with abdominal injury); with more systems involved mortality (death rate) may go as high as 75%.

What is treatment of polytrauma ?

Polytrauma treatment requires a multispeciality (may Ave specialist doctors like surgeons, anaesthetist, orthopedic, neurosurgeon etc) emergency response team taking the patient in surgery in the first hour (golden hour) to save the life. The focus is on ABC (A-airway, B-breathing, C-circulation) in the first hour (golden hour).

Where should a polytrauma case be taken ?

All polytrauma cases should be taken to tertiary level trauma centers. These are equipped with all modern diagnostic facilities (ultrasound, CT scan, MRI) and blood bank and at least 10 super specialist well trained doctors of various systems available to manage emergency 24×7.

What are the results/ outcomes in polytrauma ?

Dr. Pranav Shah and his team in coordination with other specialist for head, chest and abdomen injuries have successfully treated hundreds of polytrauma patient with overall success rate of 90% survival. This is due to good training, good infrastructure and good coordination among the doctors working as a team.